How About Dancing?

You know you want something more in your life. You want excitement. You want to set goals. You want an outlet to express yourself. You want a creative way to do that. Dancing can be the perfect outlet for you!

Dancing is magical.  It is great for your mind, body and soul.  It breathes life into your soul.

Researchers have found that regular physical activity can help keep your body and brain healthy.

Dancing has become more than a social necessity. It provides a creative release, genuine fun and an outstanding program for health and self-improvement.

Here are just a few benefits of dance:

Tones your entire body
Weight management
Increased muscular strength, endurance and flexibility
Strengthens bones
Improves posture and balance
Improves mental functioning
Greater self-confidence
Better social skills
Opportunity to meet people
Improves relationships

I have been instructing people not only to dance but how to use it for the past 26 years through an interrelated system.

I offer the perfect combination of private and group class instruction, as well as practice sessions and social outings. I offer instruction in all of the major ballroom and latin dances from the slow smooth Fox Trot and Waltz to the fiery and energetic Salsa and Hustle! This wide variety will ensure your confidence and fun on the dance floor!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, I am sure to bring out the dancer in you!!!

Flexible enrollment packages can include:

  • One on One Private Lessons – For one to two people.  You will study exclusively with an instructor.  You will learn at your own pace and will work on your personal dance needs.
  • Group Classes – In group classes you will learn several styles of dance. Usually the group sessions run for four weeks. These classes typically rotate partners. This is a great way to improve your leading and following skills.
  • Workshops – In a workshop you will study one style of dance in a group class. They run for 4-6 weeks. These classes also rotate partners for the improvement of your leading and following.
  • Social Outings – A group of dance students get together and go out to many of the different social ballroom dances in the area. They may be organized by the staff or suggestions we made as to where and when these social dances are being held. This is a great way to practice all you have been learning and meet great people.
  • Wedding Packages – Private dance lessons where we focus on your dancing needs for your special day. You can learn to lead and follow a dance to your special song or learn choreography for your first dance. You may also want to learn other styles of dance to dance throughout your event. Your lessons are centered around your needs by our wedding dance specialists. (Also see private groups)
  • Private Group Classes – Your private group will learn one style or many styles of dances, which ever you decide. A private group may be you and a bunch of friends, family or a wedding party. It is a group you put together and all agree on the same day and time to take your dance lessons in a group setting.

…and much, much more!

Let me be your partner as you take pride in learning to dance!

Contact me today for more information and take advantage of a FREE private dance lesson:   203-375-4626   |  Ballroom Experience