A few words from some of my clients.

Dancing Clients

We have been ballroom dancing for 27 years. We started for our wedding(26 years ago). We continued all these years because it is fun & good exercise. Taking lessons from Kristie is sooo much fun. We laugh the entire time. She is extremely talented as an instructor and has a big heart. We highly recommend Kristie to anyone who wants to learn.

Diane and Mike Appicelli

Dance Meditation with Kristie as an instructor has been life changing for me. We focus on our well being mentally and physically while moving with inspirational music. It’s truly a class everyone should take to learn how to relax and find their inner peace.

Linda F.

Life Coaching Clients

Kristie, my certified life coach, helps guide people on a path to make their good life a great life.  Not unlike a physical personal trainer who works on goals such as fitness/nutrition, Kristie helped me find focus within short & long term goals in all aspects of my life.

She helped me find a recipe that works well within my day to day activities.  This allows me to be efficient in addition to helping attain changes and reach goals I desire.  (Some examples include finding time to schedule down/me time, get to the gym, manage budgets, cope with single life in a world of couples, manage work stress, and aging parents—I could go on and on as she is very helpful).

Simply, she helps you figure out how to manage and find clarity with certain situations, in addition to breaking down things into a simpler way to deal with them.

I had never worked with a life coach before and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve themselves

Christina M. Heise

In 2004 I answered a dance instructor ad in the newspaper. I went to the audition and got the job. 10 years later, that remains one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made in my life. At the dance studio I had the privilege of working and training with Kristie Entwistle. I started my employment at the dance studio expecting to just learn some dance moves and do my job of teaching others. What I ended up getting was a priceless experience where I grew not only as an artist but also as a person. My backbone during all of this development and growth was Kristie.

Kristie quickly became the big sister I needed in my life. She was my life coach, before she even became licensed. She taught me how to love my body and dared me to explore who I was as a person. She always challenged me to grab hold of my strengths and tackle my weaknesses. Kristie showed me that my weaknesses weren’t failures, but rather blessed opportunities to become even greater than the person I currently was. Kristie taught me all of these things without me having to ever say a word about my self destructive habits.

Kristie didn’t do any of these things for me by sitting me in a chair and pshycho analyzing me. Actually her methods were very subtle, but profound. She spoke to my heart in casual conversation. She saved me from a self destructive pattern, by being open to me about her struggles. She taught me with friendship, love, and by example. I saw her provide love and support to dying friends by just being present in their lives until their last breath. I witnessed how she handled things so head on when life presented a challenge. Kristie became to me an example of the type of woman I wanted to be. Secure, but with a vulnerability that gives her strength, a woman who was free in the love and happiness she provides for herself.

Today, I am a confident, and accomplished dancer. I teach inner city teenage girls how to deal with the struggle of self worthlessness, insecurities, dreams that seem unattainable, or lack of ambition. I am now able to deposit back into my community the inspiration of self empowerment, sisterhood, and the gift of dance!

I praise God for that newspaper ad 10 years ago that brought me to Kristie. I am honored to call her not just my life coach, but my friend and sister in dance and life.


From the first moment I met Kristie Entwistle, she had a light, a joy, that lit up any room she walked into. She was my dance instructor, then my friend and now my certified life coach.

Kristie has a gift to share with us. She is truly interested in making this world a better place one person at a time. She takes a genuine interest in people and helping them learn, grow and flourish in life.

Since we met back in 1997, Kristie has supported me through a divorce, being a single working mom, dating, a new marriage and multiple career changes and all of the ups and downs that come along with life.

Her insight and sense of humor have guided me on my spiritual and emotional journey. I am more grounded, happy and whole because of this beautiful soul. 

Colleen Guerriero