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As a Board Certified Life Coach and Professional Dance Instructor, I am excited about encouraging people to live their best life. And while I love working with people from all backgrounds and vocations, I am especially driven to work with ARTISTS and people who want to tap into their CREATIVITY. For years, long before I became certified or even had the thought of becoming a Life Coach I always loved talking to Artists, encouraging them and helping them build strategies that empower them to be and do for a living what fills their passion.  I know what it takes as I have had a 26 year career so far of living the life I love.

The relationship I have with my clients is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection. My life coaching process begins by providing a safe space for you to break from distraction and re-align your best self.

You will experience increased self confidence, inspiration, motivation, passion, purpose and meaning for all areas of your life. You will develop life long skills to handle challenges that come up by improving mindfulness and emotional self care.

I support and challenge my clients to help them realize and reach their personal and professional goals.

I help my clients clarify their own agenda and support them in creating and following through on a strategy to achieve their goal.

We will work together to enable you to attain greater satisfaction.

I will assist you in moving forward, beyond limitation. Helping you learn, grow, improve, create and/or let go.


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