About Kristie

Dance Instructor/Certified Life Coach

Kristie Entwistle, Board Certified Life Coach

I am happy to share with you that I have lived and continue to live a life I love and of which I am very proud.  As a child my main interest and hobby was dance.  I took tap, ballet and jazz style dance lessons for as long as I can remember.  I performed in dance recitals every year.  I grew to love them because of the sense of accomplishment. “Overcoming the fear” of getting up in front of those hundreds of people was the best part of it. I believe this part of my life gave me the confidence I have today to always go after my goals and dreams.

Back in those days if I was asked, what do you want to do when you grow up? I had no idea.  I couldn’t even imagine my hobby, my creative outlet, could be a career.  So I struggled to try and see myself as an executive assistant, an executive, a retailer, a teacher in a classroom, anything my parents and guidance counselors suggested.  I just couldn’t see it, feel it, imagine it.

Honestly I wasn’t the best student in school.  I liked socializing much more then classroom work and studying.  So instead of running off to college, I decided to hold off and get a job in retail until I could be clear on what I wanted do with my life. 

After a year I saw an ad for a ballroom and latin dance instructor job in the newspaper.  I thought to myself, “Really, is this a job?  Really?” It was finally clear what I could see myself doing!  And I went for it.  I auditioned and got the job.  Soon I was being trained to be a ballroom and latin dance instructor.

I worked in my first dance studio for about 9 years.  During this time I was told by my family and friends that I should get a “real job”.  But I was never happier.  I loved my job and even though I wasn’t making tons of money, I saw ways I could in the future.  I was learning a great trade and so much about the business. However, in the end, I heeded the advice of my parents and I went to business school.  This school taught me secretarial and administrative assistant job skills. When I finished with school, I got a “real job”.  I worked full time as an administrative assistant for several different companies. I was making money and getting benefits but I was miserable. My real love was my dancing job which I was still doing part time at night after long days at the office. 
I realized this could not continue. If I wanted a career in the dance world, I had two choices – to be a competitive dancer or become a studio owner. Ultimately I decided to open my own studio.   And soon, I saw a change in my parents. Not only did they see this as a “real job,” more importantly, they saw that their little girl was fully happy again! 

I have run two very successful, fully staffed dance studios and continue to teach dance today.

One of the great privileges of my job when I ran my own studios was that I was able to encourage my employees to follow their dreams.  I showed them that they too could run a dance studio, compete professionally, achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.  I also had students who would sit and talk to me for hours expressing to me about how they wanted to go after their dreams. I was able to encourage them do go for it and often they did! 

This is when I decided to become a Certified Life Coach.  I was already coaching people to achieve their goals.  I loved this part of my job. I have been coaching people on the dance floor to make positive changes in their lives for 30 years. And now, for the past 12+ years, I have coached people professionally off the dance floor to achieve their highest dreams. 

There is not a day that I don’t wake up feeling excited about the work I have to do on that day. I have loved my career of working with people and helping them to live their best life. And I am excited to be able to help YOU!